The Office DEVECEM verify security facilities such Marquees, tents and structures and equipment type Fora, Scene, insofar as they are mounted in a mobile structure and conduct their regulatory audits.

DEVECEM is a central office applications, authorized by the Ministry of Interior to put in compliance.


- Mechanical stability of the backbone (mounting and assembly).
- Reaction to fire of the envelope.


The Office DEVECEM monitors compliance and performs the initial regulatory audits, placing into service.
Our audit office gives you the security register your institution issued by the prefecture.


The Office DEVECEM verify compliance of CTS and performs periodic regulatory audits.
Every two years, the audit office should perform a check and prepare a new report.
He will advise you on any repairs carried out and gives you a sample of security register attesting to maintain safety standards at your institution.


Knowledge of regulations we can also assist and advise our clients to make or maintain a building or a park of Marquees, Tents and Structures in compliance.

DEVECEM The Bureau conducts compliance audits and security audits, these missions are complete reports in collaboration with laboratories and national bodies.

The consulting enables our clients to follow step by step milestones interventions, dissemination of reports to track corrective actions, preparation of summaries and statistics.