Wind force   Terminology   Wind* Speed
  Wind* Speed (knots)   Minimum Height (Max) waves (m)   Effects observed at sea Effect observed on earth
0   Calm   less than 1   less than 1   0   The sea is like a mirror Calm, smoke rises vertically.
1   Very light breeze   1 to 5   1 to 3   0,1   Rather it is resembling wrinkles chips poissions. No foam The wind direction is revealed by the training of the smoke, but not by wind.
2   Light breeze   6 to 11   4 to 6   0,2 (0,3)   Ripples, still short but more extreme. Their crest is a glassy appearance but do not break. The wind is seen in the face. The leaves shiver.
3   Gentle breeze   12 to 19   7 to 10   0,6 (1)   Very small waves. Crests begin to break. Foam of glassy appearance. Sometimes a few scattered sheep. Leaves and twigs are constantly agitated. Wind extends light flags.
4   Nice breeze   20 to 28   11 to 16   1 (1,5)   Small waves becoming longer. Frankly many sheep. Wind raises dust and paper. Small branches are rough.
5   Fresh breeze   29 to 38   17 to 21   2 (2,5)   Moderate waves taking a much more elongated. Birth of many sheep. Possibly spray. Shrubs leaf begin to sway. Small waves with peak form on inland waters.
6   Fresh wind   39 to 49   22 to 27   3 (4)   Tears begin to form. The white foam crests are more extensive everywhere. The main branches are agitated. The son telegraph hear a hiss. The use of umbrellas is made difficult.
7   Costly   50 to 61   28 to 33   4 (5,5)   Some trails tears waves of foam that is moving in the wind. The trees are shaken in full. Walking against the wind is difficult.
8   Gale   62 to 74   34 to 40   5,5 (7,5)   Blades of average height and elongated. Clear trails scum oriented in the wind. Eddies of mist begins to form. The wind breaks branches. Walking against the wind is usually impossible.
9   Strong gale   75 to 88   41 to 47   7 (10)   Large waves. Thick streaks of froth in the wind. The wave crest begins to crumble and break rolls. The wind caused minor damage to homes.
10   Storm   89 to 102   48 to 55   9 (12,5)   Very large waves with long ridges panache. The foam produced in large agglomerates benches. The foam is blown in the wind into thick streaks. The surface water seems white. The wave rolls became intense and brutal. The spray can reduce visibility. Rare inland. Trees uprooted. Extensive damage to homes.
11   Violent storm   103 to 117   56 to 63   11,5 (16)   The blades are exceptionally high. The sea is completely covered with white foam benches cross-tree in the wind. The edge of the wave crest is blown and gives the foam. Small and medium-sized vessels may by now be lost. The visibility is reduced. Very rarely observed. Accompanied by widespread devastation.
12   Hurricane   118 and more   64 and more   14 and more   The air is full of foam and spray. The sea is completely white because of scum floating rigs. The visibility is drastically reduced. Mainly observed in the cyclone. Exceptionally under our lalitudes.
* The speeds are related to mean wind and not to gusts. The gusting wind may exceed the average of 50%